Trust God & Chase the Lion, A review.

Ok, here’s the truth:  I love free stuff!  I will review free stuff all day!  It’s stuff I got for free and I get to write/video about.  Up today is Mark Batterson’s new book:  Chase the Lion.  I got it free as a part of his book launch, but I would have gotten it anyway as a National Community Church member.


So why join the book launch?

I wanted to see what a book launch looked like.  It was cool.  I don’t have any idea how much help the launch was in spreading the world and increasing sales versus, say, just selling the book.  I have a few ideas on how I would make it better, but I’m not sure if my ideas would actually be more effective in: selling books.

I want to caveat this with:  I working on my MFA in Creative Writing, so everything I read, I read with a critical eye.

Chase the Lion is a hard cover book.  As a writer, I’d be honored to publish a book as a hard cover.  It’s more prestigious.  As a reader, I strongly prefer soft covers that I can mold into my hands.  I find them more comfortable to read.

Chase the Lion’s tag line is:  “If your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, It’s Too Small.”  This is great, an easy way for a reader to see that the book is not just about chasing lions in pits on snowy days.  Though that is in the book too.  In fact, that Bible story about Benaiah in 2 Samuel Chapter 23, Verse 20 is the premise of the whole book.  One verse. Second Book.  Mic drop.

The overarching idea behind the book is “The Lion Chaser’s Manifesto” laid out on page zero of the book.  It gives the reader a one page easy to refer to overview of the idea of the book.  I like this.  My favorite line is:  “Dare to fail.  Dare to be different.”  It penetrates deep into my soul.  I have not went after several dreams in my life because I was  afraid I would fail or afraid of what people would think of me.  I have deleted several blog posts for the same reason.  No more, what if someone doesn’t like me coming from this girl.

In case you aren’t sure.  I think this book is great.  I think the concept behind the book is great.  I think Mark Batterson is an amazing orator and story teller.  Batterson uses a lot of personal anecdotes, facts, and stories to illustrates his point.  They are great!  They fit into context.  My one criticism is that I have heard the before.  I thought, maybe he’s told these stories during sermons and that I was being unfair.  So I picked up the only other full length book I own by him, The Circle Maker (which I also love).  I randomly flipped to a page and found a story that I know I had just went through in Chase the Lion.  Did I stop reading the book, no.  Did I gloss over the story?  Maybe.  Did the effect of the testimony diminish for me?  A little.  Now I understand there will be people who never read any book by Batterson but this one, and if that’s the case, the testimony is new.

There is also some repetition of phrases within the book itself.  The first time I read, “When the image of a man-eating beast travels through the optic nerve and into the visual cortex, the brain relays an urgent message to the body:  run!  That’s what normal people do, but normal is overrated.  Lion chasers don’t run away; lion chases run to the roar.”  I thought, wow that’s a powerful opener!  When I read it later, abeit reworded slightly,  I recognized it, but the power was diminished.  I understand that repetition is a powerful memory tool, but you don’t have to tell me what my response to coming face to face with a lion would be.  That image stuck with me from the start.

My over all star rating: 5/5 stars for

motivation  & Biblical relevancy, 3/5 stars for originality, for a total of 4/5 stars.  I completely recommend this book if you want to get pumped up to trust God and go after your God given dreams.  If you’re a member of NCC or read a lot of his other books, it might seem a bit familiar.

You want to read it?  Click HERE to go to the website.  You can download the “Lion Chaser Manifesto” or read the first chapter free!  There is also a buy one get one deal and other special offers!

My daughter had so much fun making the video below!


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