@Twitter and the writer

I started on Twitter back in 2012 with no idea what I was doing.  I knew I would use it as a platform for my writing, but knew little in the way of how Twitter could help me.  When I started I didn’t use any #hashtags and gained about 60 follower in 2 years.

Flash forward to this summer where I have really started coming into my own believing in my writing and devoting time to it, including Tweeting regularly and starting today blogging my journey.  My list of followers has been steadily growing all summer and I am now up to 122.

Just over a week ago  I finished reading Conquistador of the Useless by @JoshuaIsard, a book I only know about because I follow Joshua on Twitter.  It was a great read.  The characters and their journey are relevant to the life of young adults, such as myself.  It’s still ok to consider myself a young adult at 31, right?  I hope to continue paying this forward with other writers and that someday others will do the same for me.

A week or so ago I saw (again on Twitter) that Mark Batterson, lead pastor of the church I attend, and fellow writer was looking for people interested in joining the launch team for his newest book:  Chase the Lion.  I received word today via email that I am a part of the launch team.  I am so excited.  As a church member I am honored to support Pastor Mark.  As a writer, I am so excited to be part of this process.

In the coming days I plan to post some tips on how writers can use Twitter to gain not just followers, but a support system.


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